Women having sexually orientated fun

Thought it would be fun to post a few more photos of women having fun.

My first entry: A woman making certain you grasp the shape of the rock.
Bugs does not seemed bugged by these girls
The third: definitely a HAPPY MEAL I wonder how many people have taken a photo of this nature!SNOOPY returns the favorThis might be why conservatives want a fig leaf covering men's penis. To keep all these wonderful women away?Now this is really dreaming big! I hate to let her know that she will be disappointed in life, if this is what she expects. Gulliver would split her in half.
Then again, maybe the HULK could meet her expectations
Live long and prosper, and have fun along the way!
Let me close with a photo of Miss Audrey being spanked, on behalf of all woman who posed for these entertaining photos. You can see more of Miss Audrey, normally giving spankings at http://spanking360.com/
Maybe one more good photo for the road... Red


Our Bottoms Burn said...

The first picture taken at Joshua Tree NM sure does get around.

redxxx said...

The photo is always fun to see! tHanks for identifying the location

Anonymous said...

Just some great pics!!

BOB said...

I like the photo of the two cute girls with bugs Bunny. I like seeing photos of ordinary women like them that are spanking men. As opposed to proffesional dominatrixes. I love seeing candid photos of casually dressed college girls spanking males. Not only is it realistic[becuase it IS real] but they usually have a gleeful look on thier face. I myself prefer a woman spanks her man with a toothy grin on her face, rather than a stern looking woman.But thats just me.different stokes for different folks

redxxx said...

Bob: Photos of ordinary people spanking or being spanked are almost always preferable. But, no matter what if it is caught on camera, then it is somewhat artificial.

redxxx said...

Weave: glad you liked the photos