Yesterday, we both got into a very foul mood, mostly due to circumstances beyond our control. However, how we re-act to these circumstances is within our control.

Fortunately, our permanent house guests were out for a walk, and Cindy took advantage to give my bottom a quick roasting. She used our wodden hair brush, very effectively.

Unfortunately, I was really too annoyed and mad and frustrated, for the spanking to have any immediate effect on my mood, and Cindy stopped after a three short, hard, flurries!. The reason was we had no idea when the guests would return.

The situation at home will change in a few weeks, and we will finally be able to get back to normal, but we might take a vacation away from all the hurricanes (Karl, Igor, and Julia) bearing down on Mexico and the USA, and hopefully a hurricane like Wilma or Katrina are not in the offing.

The spanking did leave my bottom quite red, and late last night I was able to relax more, specially since I was sitting on a bottom that had felt the spanks. There is something in the idea that frequent spankings harden the bottom, and a lack of spankings certainly allows your bottom to become less tough, and thus much more receptive to any spanks coming it's way. In addition to no warm-up by a hand spanking, simply apply the hair brush as strong as you can as fast as you can, has an additional shock value. This shock value helps make certain that the spanking is remembered, not just as a pleasant glow, but as a sore bottom.

My bottom still feels the effects while I write. So, there is hope for the future, where at one time hope did not appear possible for a few years.

The photos are two classics from Nu-West Leda!



Hermione said...

Red, I'm glad you were able to fit a short spanking into your day, even though you seem not to have appreciated it. Here's hoping there will be more time in the future for Cindy to readdress the problem.


ronnie said...


I know it's hard to fit spanking in when you have house guests, glad you were able to even though short. Your so right, our bottom does become less tough :) with lack of spankings.

Have a great weekend.


Rachel said...

We know the problem as friends of ours lost their house and came to live with us for a few months until they got back on their feet. Glad you could get a quickie in as we have had that experience.

When aj gets in a foul mood I have 2 ways of handling it. Either he gets a double dose enema to clean him out and then across my knee; no drying off, sometimes in the diaper position and without expulsion at times. The second is I order him to take a hot bath and soak: then otk. Both methods calm him down and because he is wet the impact on his buns is magnified.

redxxx said...

Hermione: Cindy will definitely re-visit the issue, with a more thorough spanking. I did appreciate the spanking, but only later that day.

Ronnie: House guests make it difficult, but my bottom will get more conditioning soon.

Rachel: glad you both are able to wrok things out suitably. Thanks for sharing