Spank Place M/F and F/F

Another interesting site you might like to visit is http://www.spankplace.com/.This site states that they are :" The Place for Interviews with the Biggest Spanking Stars and Hottest Spanking Starlets"

It does have some interesting interviews, which I am starting to read occasionally! It is a great link to find other websites that are chock full of pictures, and spanking scenes. The l;ast update was August 26th, and it had the following picture on it. If you click on the picture on the above website, it will take you to spankingsarah where if you click on the picture, you will see a short video of this scene. Personally, I prefer pictures where the men and the women are about the same age. Also, the man not doing the caning must have an awful amount of trust in Sarah's reactions to being caned. The possible reaction is quite painful to contemplate.If you scroll further down, you will find a good interview with Dana Specht.The photos on this website are very high quality, because they are meant to attract you to see more at the website that the photo came from.cheers


Hermione said...

Hi Red,

That first photo is a situation that could go terribly wrong. I wonder how many retakes they did.

The last one makes me think of the Monty Python sketch - The Man with Three Buttocks. That garter belt seems odd, somehow.


redxxx said...

Truly takes a brave man, and a woman who has been spanked many times to be able to control her re-actions.