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You know what is about to happen, so don't delay in getting undressed and over her knee. It will only be worse the longer you delay!

One site that I have just discovered is unfortunately disappearing in the near future.
It has some great pictures, that I have used a few of in this post...

The look of the spanker in this photo is amazing.http://madamespanks.com/
The site is being included with all of it's links in the excellent all things spanking site.

Visiting all things spanking regularly will be something you find to be enjoyable, for all varieties of the spanking scene.
I love how this picture is posed, with the woman seated, beckoning, with a very sturdy hairbrush in hand.
Links to both have been placed in the sites to visit portion on the side. Thank you to All Things Spanking, as I see a link to my blog on their site.

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