home repairs

I may not be able to post for a few days, as we are having some home improvements done.
If contractors are the same as where you live, you know it is best to stay close to home and keep an EYE on them.I definitely will be watching.... Unfortunately, Cindy might feel she needs to add a few of her own brush strokes to the painting, and she always seems to like fire engine red.cheers


Rachel said...

Your contractor looks good. Perhaps she will help Cindy hammer down that bulge in the nether wall and then paint it International Red

ronnie said...

Now if we had contractors like that P would be insisting he say at home while they work :)


redxxx said...

Rachel: I don't think Cindy would want the contractor working on the bulge!International red is always possible.
Ronnie: Every husband might be interested in doing more house repairs. We can only dream :-D

Rachel said...

If she is a contractor: as part of the contract she could pick-up your boy put him over her shoulder, smack his bottom as she carries him to the room and then put him over her lap for some good otk education.

redxxx said...

Rachel: I think Waldo did a drawing like that. I will have to search for it. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Anonymous said...

Great job by Cindy!!

redxxx said...

Weave: she looks good doesn't she.REd