cindy playfully spanked

On the home front, Cindy was rather frisky yesterday, and I decided she deserved ten spanks. She objected, playfully, so i bared her bottom slowly, and then gave ten good spanks, with appropriate oohing and awwwing, and I might add a very saucy bottom swaying between spanks.

More sauciness when the ten were finished, required another eight for good measure (as the Brits say), which were slowly given. Cindy decided that after this eight that the spanking was done, and we caressed, cuddled, and had a wonderful time.
Seems a lot of people enjoyed the photo of the woman presenting the hair brush while on bended knees. The downloads of this photo outdid all others for a few days. Thus, I present to you another photo that is more revealing, but both photos have their charm. The photo must have come from the site http://spankamber.com/, but I saw it on a new yahoo site that I joined.

I a subscribed to receive all mail, and a few people are sending many emails containing erotic spanking photos.


You might like to join and see some of the posts that people are sending.


Rachel said...

Paying attention to Cindy pays GREAT dividends. Rather than staring at your neighbor; see the dividends Cindy pays. Consider yourself a lucky man both by doing and receiving.
Rachel & aj

Hermione said...

I second what Rachel said. You are doubly blessed!


barely.pink said...

Delightful spanking. You two seem to have a well-balanced relationship.

(And I love the photo of the woman presenting the hairbrush. There's something deeply erotic about handing over the implement that will shortly be used.)

redxxx said...

Rachel: I am a very lucky man.
Hermione: as is Ron
Barely/pink: We have an excellent relationship, and those photos are strongly erotic, at least to me.
Thanks for writing