Having had a bit of fun, cheerio, pip pip, and all that, I should show some links to other blogs that may more suit the audience.

I am starting to make a practice of looking at whoever is a follower of my blog, and looking at their blog if it exists, or simply other sites that they are followers of.

Today's entry is http://bumtickler.blogspot.com

The vast amount of spanking on the internet is absolutely astounding. Little did I know about six years ago when I first started travelling the internet.

One problem I had was in using Firefox, it would suggest what it thought I was typing. This was a major problem, if ever a friend wanted to simply visit somewhere for one second while my computer was on. I made a practice of always simply logging out, and going into another account for that person. Solution: choose tools, options and in privacy choose the setting that states suggest: make the answer NOTHING!

I am certain that this has helped prevent major embarrassment, and a bare ass treatment that would surely NOT be enjoyable. Ever note embarrass is so close to the words bare ass, Hm...

Back to bumtickler. His site is mostly links to other sites, with a video of a spanking from that site. Wonderful, to my point of view. A regular visit shows you a few spankings, without cost.

Bumtickler gives no information about himself, but I suspect from the writing that he lives in Britain, or did for at least a good part of his life.

The spankings are all F/F or M/F, occasional F/M, and a very few (thankfully) [ :-D occasional shots of his spanked bottom.
Thus, I am now forgiven for having fun with the alternative dress type spankings. Enjoy
One video you might like is
It is an F/M variety, includes brush, carpet beater, and cane. Quite effective.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the shout.
I am American, born, bred and proud.
I will add that to my 'about me'
I won't hold it against you for thinking I'm british, even though I don't care for most of the english spanking sites.
thanks again.

redxxx said...

BumTickler: Howdy pardner... Glad you will add a little to your identity, but never give away too much. Discretion is always the best . Glad to let a few others know about your site. Keep up the good work.