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Well, at least for the moment, our guests have left, and we can get back to a more normal existence.

I asked in the morning that maybe we should get to spanking, and re-iterated that it could be a good boy spanking. No need to have to think up a reason for the spanking, and thus remembering something that has been forgotten or annoying, but simply a spanking for the sake of spanking. No need to be upset to spank. A great philosophy we sometimes follow, as per Bogey and Bacall. Included in this quick talk was that the spanking could be just as hard or harder, whatever her whim. The answer of "we will see" was welcomed.

To help move us back into spanking, I placed the wooden hair brush and our leather heart shaped paddle with metal studs on the bed in the afternoon. As with the last post, I also put on panties to spice up the day, and keep a bit of a sexual charge throughout the day.

The evening rolled along without comment, but around 9:30 PM I heard Cindy taking a bath, and around 10:00 she called out to me to come upstairs. This is one method she uses that lets me know I am about to be spanked.

We first kissed, and cuddled, but then Cindy stated that it was time for my spanking. I retrieved the spanking chair, and Cindy tapped her knee with the hair brush, and I was bare bottomed over her knee in a flash.
Cindy varied her technique,, in that instead of a hand warm-up, she immediately started spanking strongly and rapidly with the leather heart shaped paddle. Cindy simply concentrated on one cheek, and because of the hole in the heart shape, was able to declare that she was making a heart on my bottom. Suffice to say that all the spanks were falling in almost the exact same place, and my feet were starting to dance. She then proceeded to the other cheek to produce the same effect, before simply dancing the paddle over all of my bottom.Cindy remarked what a nice shade of red, before pausing and asking if my arms were okay (I thought, hey. they may be supporting me, but you are spanking my bottom, and it's hurting, but then again that is the purpose of the spanking, so I simply stated they were okay)

Cindy then leisurely massaged and caressed my bottom, and delved between my legs for a little extra eroticism.

Cindy then began hand spanking, and slapping and thudding her way around my bottom. Slapping as in a glancing blow, that really stings. Thudding as in using the heel of her palm directly onto the bottom.

She paused, but not to massage, but to simply switch to the hairbrush. Cindy once again started with a flurry, then paused and massaged a little, telling me to not clench my bottom but relax it. Cindy has found that a relaxed bottom is easier to spank, and gets a much stronger re-action of foot dancing. Then the hair brush returned to making me dance. Another massage, short and quick, followed by a little flourish of rapid spanks and then stated that the spanking was finished.

I got up from over her lap, and we immediately began to kiss, cuddle, caress! The action moved ot the bed, where we made passionate love including individual oral and then fucking. Our climaxes were spectacular.

The lower part of my bottom is still a bright red today, more than 14 hours after the spanking. Just proves (for us) that a good boy spanking, or a bad boy spanking are almost identical in strength and effect, and to us, both are necessary at times.

PS: Amazingly a silly day for me in trying to put pictures, but I could not find any quality pictures of cunnilingus photos of a man pleasing a woman. Try searching for me and let me know of other sites I can use that does not include femdom style action.


Hermione said...

I like the way you put the hairbrush and the paddle on the bed by way of a reminder. You were leaving Cindy with no excuse to paddle you.

I'm glad you had an exciting evening.


Rachel said...

The best part of a relationship is mutually satisfying each other. Your spanking was the warming up of each others feelings and your service and loving was the apex of your loving each other. This is the raison-d'etre of your being together.
Rachel & aj

Our Bottoms Burn said...

An exciting evening for sure. We regret that late evening activities for us no longer include what you guys enjoyed. The trouble with aging.

redxxx said...

Hermione: definitely a strong suggestion. Cindy, however, will spank me if I request one, thus a very happy situation.
Rachel: well stated. Satisfying each other is a definite major part of any relationship.
Bogey: I also prefer the afternoons or early evening, than late at night.