ART : Males being spanked by Males

I somehow thought that in the past I have come across men spanking men art work, but I can no longer find much at all. (PS: the above drawing is by Underling, who has an excellent website)
Maybe I was remembering Male/Male photos, which are a small but plentiful niche on the web.

I have found the following site, but in looking through the spankingartwiki, the M/M category is almost non-existent. The following artist has many scenes on the boyzbeingboyz site
If you are into role playing, and adjust your mind that the young person being spanked is actually an adult, then you might like some of the artwork at the following site.That is, if in spanking you are referred to as young man, or "you are a naughty boy", then that role playing is acceptable to me.

However, in no way, do we ever suggest spanking children. Spanking to us is a game, with the rewards of great sex, and also a problem solver and stress relief at times.Try the site: http://boyzbeingboyz.com/art.php?layout=normal
if you can do this role play.

However, this site is mostly oomposed of boys being spanked, with few adult men being spankedAnother good artist on this site is Franco.
IF you know of any other sites, you could always send me a note, or post a comment directing interested readers to the location.


Underling said...

Cheers, Red. I think it's the first time in a long time that anyone's posted that picture, so thank you! It doesn't even feature on my blog, which is F/M only.

Respect due to you also for catering to your wider readership, since I know you're not much of an M/M fan yourself. For those who are, I'd also recommend jockspank.blogspot.com - mainly photos but also a fair bit of artwork, and all adults only.

Thanks again!


Rachel said...

You understand that some husbands want to be spanked by another man. However, I have never seen a site where a man is spanking another man while his wife watches. Then she spanks the former spanker. That would be interesting. Any thoughts?

Rachel said...

Maybe your female carpenter should be there supervising the boys as they spank each other and then her finishing them.

ronnie said...

First time I've seen pictures of male spanking male.


redxxx said...

Underling: Thanks for the compliment, and thanks for the link in case anyone is interested. I imagine M/M aficionados may already have many links that I am unaware of, but the site mentioned does have a ton of links.
Rachel: sounds like a great idea. Just about any spanking idea is a great idea.
Aj: That carpenter could spank me anyday, if Cindy permitted it.
Ronnie: glad to open new doors for m'lady