An apology

Over the past few months I have posted some inappropriate pictures and jokes for friends who I thought shared the same sense of humor.

Unfortunately this wasn't the case and I seem to have upset quite a few people who have accused me of being sexist and shallow.

If you were one of these people, please accept my sincerest apologies.

From now on I will only be doing posts with a cultural or educational content and photographs of historic buildings, monuments, nature and other interesting topics.

Attached is a picture of the Pont Neuf Bridge in Paris .... It is the oldest bridge in Paris and took 26 years to build. It was completed in 1604.
Unfortunately, my apology was not accepted.

ADDENDUM: the last photo and words are from the yahoo group that I have advertised for you to visit and possibly join: titled


Anonymous said...

Bridge, what bridge?

Hermione said...

Red - Well, at least your heart was in the right place. Perhaps you need to try a bit harder, though.

Nice curves, though.


Anonymous said...

I'm loving your posts... continue! :)

Anonymous said...

People may need to lighten up a bit...I never noticed anything all that inappropriate, though it's hard to tell what might offend someone. Hang in there, and it was nice of you to apologize to those who indicated to you that they were offended.

redxxx said...

Bum Tickler: you have to focus for an hour or so before you see the bridge.
Hermione: Always aim to please
Weave: Glad to know you like them
Serving B; definitely everyone needs to be happy..

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant riposte to the grupmpy old men!Please continue with your cultural heritage tour!

Rachel said...

Your work is enjoyable and a very light and funny look at the beautiful rumps of life. We enjoy it to the fullest. Unfortunately no matter what you do there is always someone who will take offense or find an excuse to disparage it. As for us: KEEP UP THE TERRIFIC WORK!
Rachel & aj

redxxx said...

anon: glad you liked it...I do have others, but only if i can find them.
Rachel and aj: This was only an attempt at humor. Glad you appreciate the blog.

ronnie said...

Yes the bridge is very nice Red, good picture :)

Keep up the fun post, I love them.


redxxx said...

Ronnie: what bridge?

Anonymous said...

C from wives who spank "or cane" their husbands.
I like your site but please continue to give my site credit when you post my pics. I wrote the caption for the above pic. thankyou C

redxxx said...

C: sorry about that. I have the bad habit of trolling many sites, and some days forget to use a new folder to know where the items came from. Thanks for the reminder.