submissives: cleaning the pool with a red bottom on display

IF you liked the cornertime link, then possibly you have clicked to the submissives category. A link driectly to the site is as follows:

Some items their are not to everyone's liking, but such is the world. However, some photos and drawings are interesting. For example, if you are male, would you volunteer for this picture? This is a defintie twist on the scenes you can see on line of one woman trying for the record of having sex with the most men in a limited amount of time. Pleasuring the most women orally in a limited amount of time. It would be fun to watch. Oops, that might mean another spanking!

I do not know how to save photos that pop up on tumblr. However, by highlighting and pasting, I am able to put them in this posting.

Do take a look because many new photos exist, beyond the normal ones I see in spanking blogs, and on my yahoo groups. I am finding that yahoo groups is becoming quite dead, and I am wondering where the people that used to post have gone to. If you know of new sites that are spanking related, do share with all of us. The next drawing is effective, but did you notice the man on another stool waiting for his turn.

Because I am using copy and paste, I cannot change the size is the size I find them! This posting might be titled spanked, then sent to clean the pool, showing the whole world your reddened bottom. The picture came from page 8 of the submissive category.

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