Spanking artists: Jay Em drawings

Spanking can be a fun pastime! Today's entry shows some of those facets, but also the discipline that some people crave.
In Jay Em's first drawing let's say Hermione( or is it Ronnie.. Or Erica.. or you get the idea) is quite enjoying herself, as is the man.
In the second drawing, maybe the woman is NOT enjoying every part of the spanking, but will enjoy the afterglow.
This the marriage counselor is saying not to be like this man...
"A Good Man Satisfies the Desires of his Woman" and we can see the desires in the hairbrush...
However, in the next drawing, one woman is very content, while lilstening to, and watching another woman be spanked.

However, in this next drawing, maybe the second woman is worried because her spanking is next, and it's going to be just as effective.
Drawings are just so much more effective than pictures, in many, many cases.

Using http://spankingartwiki.animeotk.com/wiki/List_of_spanking_artists, you will immediately find a massive amount of spanking art.

You will find some artists that are already or who will become your favorites.

If you search around, and you will find links to many sites for more information and artwork about spanking.

Most artists are willing to sell you originals, and I imagine many artists are willing to draw a scene to your exact requests.

However, hopefully by sharing what is already in the public domain, I can spread the word about spanking artists.

However, if any owner of any artwork or photo wishes me to remove the image, simply let me know and I will do that as soon as I read the email.

Hopefully the artist will understand that I do love to travel extensively, and thus while out of town I never access this blog, or the email account xxxred17@yahoo.com

If you want quicker access to Jay Em, click either of these links.


I hope you enjoy these drawings.



  1. I love black and white drawings Red and I agree they are much more effective than photos

    Thanks Red.


  2. Ronnie: black and white are good, maybe because we can relate to it more from our youth, when color was less common, specially for spanking drawings.

  3. I'm a big fan of JayEm too. I have a slight preference for his F/M pictures, but that's just the way I'm wired :). I suspect he's the same, since they seem to make up the majority of his work.

    His female disciplinarians tend to be beautiful, Amazonian, lingerie-clad, severe and wearing satisfied expressions. What's not to like?

  4. Underling: due to the fact that I am the one that is most often spanked, yes, I rally like his F/M drawings. I like his M/F drawings also, but out side of a few s panks at any given time, a real spanking does not occur. I love Cindy wiggling her bottom at me though when permitted to give it a few spanks.

  5. I enjoy the JM drawings, especially the srict FM that seems to be his main thrust. Over 40 years, my wife and I have let our passions and preferences evolve along those lines, even playing with other couples and groups when we were younger. She has thrilled me when impromptu OTK sessions turn into hours, and even days, of bottom burning excesses. Who needs Viagra?

    1. anon: so very true. Spankings adds spice to our all-ready sexy love life. My spankings are often, then a few weeks without, Cindy decided.
      bottoms up


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