more reading material : spanked husbands

I have only glanced at this site, but some readers might find it interesting.

An example of a posting on this site is:

"I know that some of you prefer harder implements and there are some crying husbands who need this, but my wife prefers her hand and that is exclusive with us.

I find it a exciting to feel her hand on my bare rear. The skin to skin contact is very erotic.I also know she can control me without tying me up or restraining me. This makes the spanking more mental and therefore MORE controlling. I stay anchored while she spanks my rear to a sensitive and red finish. She spanks me to assert her control and we usually wind up having great sex afterward.

Sometimes we role-play where I am the boss and she is the secretary. If I find an error in her work and tell her she must be admonished, she says that only a spanking will do. She then informs me that I must be spanked because I need to be more responsible about things that go around the company. I then applaud her for her logical thinking before submitting to one of her spankings. Besides, she reasons, nothing will remind her of her error more than smacking my rear with her hand. After she is finished with me, I kiss her hand in case it feels tingly after the spanking. I also kiss it to thank her for keeping me in my place. This role-play happens occasionally. Mostly, she is in charge the whole time and I attend to her needs before and after my spanking. If she reads this she might spank me for my misspelling. I will go back and make corrections."


The link is to page 24, but you can then go anywhere you like by changing the page number.

Are they real, or fantasy. The same question you can ask about any blog. I just happened to like the role reversal stated in the above quote.

I, however, find it annoying with the tweets going up one side of the site, but fortunately, they only are a part of the page, not the entire page.

Similar to reading the guest book at the DWC site.



Anonymous said...

The first two pictures are of Miss Kelly (probably three to four years old). She's taking a break from spanking and as far as I know is focusing on modeling.

Rachel said...

Thank you:
aj will be reading them with a bare stop sign red rump as he is getting it for messing up the laundry. Picture my plump boy with a rosy red butt standing naked in the corner reading this to me. Tell us of more sites.

redxxx said...

Andy: thanks for the info... She looks great...and could do well in modeling...
Rachel: Glad you liked this site