Miranda Kerr

Thought I would share two photos that I find quite amazing... and maybe some readers might like to give suggestions for captions, as Hermione has been doing on her blog.

The first could be: I LOVE being spanked! Would you like to spank me?
The second might be:
I am standing the corner as you requested, with my pants down to just below my bottom, but must you spank me with that implement. I promise to be good from now on without the spanking! Please!

Your turn: any suggestions for photo one or photo two.


  1. For the first one: A spanking now? But I haven't finished reading the paper.

    And for the second: I'm too tired to finish dressing. I need some incentive.


  2. #1: Princess you will receive your message first followed by the tingle of your wonderful buttocks thereafter. #2: You may stand like that but when I am through your bottom will light up this room in glowing red.
    aj Widget (with Rachel's permission)


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