JPC - FF artwork extraordinaire

Another wonderful artist that you may not have seen before, specializes in women spanking women. This is a topic that many people can find to be erotic, and I am one of them.

She poses her young women to be spanked in great settings, and the women being spanked are many times appreciative of the spanking.

To accompany this idea, I will post in a few days a sites where the situation is male spanking male. My interest has always been women, so seeing women in spanking positions, whether spanking, or being spanked is always interesting to me. Men being spanked by women is also erotic, but I find it less interesting to see men spanking men. However, as long as it is consensual in all of the above scenarios, I am fine with it.
Today's entry also has some fun animations, besides great artwork. The descriptions on the blog are interesting to read, but you have to copy and paste into a translator program
click the link below,


then click entrez and then entrer
Hope you enjoy as much as i do.



Hermione said...

Hi Red,

These are beautifully drawn. F/F is not my thing, but the sketches are lovely. Thanks for sharing.


ronnie said...

What an excellent find Red, all wonderful.


Underling said...

Hi Red. I like her work too, and (unlike, say, me) she's pretty prolific! There's often a nice mix of mild embarrassment and enjoyment for her spankees.

F/F is my very favourite pairing next to F/M. I'm not averse to M/M either, so I look forward to that post!

redxxx said...

Hermione: yes, they definitely are beautifully drawn.
Ronnie: My pleasure to share with everyone..
Underling: I believe the artist is a male, but that is never relevant. A good spanking artist is always welcome. I, to, like the mix of embarrassment and enjoyment in the spankees. M/M is fine, but I prefer looking at a woman's bottom

JPC said...


I you confirm: I am a man.

Very enjoy to you like my artwork! Thanks Red and all!

@ Underling: I like your artwork too camarade!

Good fun all with yours blogs.


redxxx said...

JPC: Thanks.. I do have fun with the blog, as you have fun with your drawings. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

Very good drawings! I like spanking art! XD

Red said...

Anon: Glad you liked the drawings.. hope you visit the artist's site, and thanks for leaving a comment. I really appreciate when someone expresses satisfaction with my efforts.
bottoms up