Her Paddle

Another excellent site to visit is HerPaddle. It is a F/M style blog, but occasional M/F also like mine. The author has been commenting on my blog occasionally, and I finally had time to go visit his blog.

I find it quite astounding how many people have started F/M blogs. The author has a link list of many sites that you might like to visit, as well as many M/F spanking blogs in another list.

The author writes: "I when ordered, climb over my lady's knee. I submit to her and cherish the attention she gives me, even when it's a very painful punishment. There are times when I return the favor."

I can not refer you to a specific article, but all are written with a good sense of humor, and insight in being spanked.

This is a new blog, which has many readers coming back daily to the site. The site has only been open for two months, and has had more than25,000 visitors.

Go have a look when you have the time, and then browse many of the links to other interesting spanking sites.



  1. Thank you my friend for your very kind words. We kindered spirits have much to tell the world sbout the wonderul feelings that we are so lucky enough to experience.

    Yes, I hang on your words too and please keep up your wonderful writing, it's very good.

  2. Thanks for the link Red. New blog for me.


  3. onherknee: Thanks for the kind words, and my pleasure in sending more people to your site.
    Ronnie: you are welcome.


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