D's Naughty Boy Spanking blog

We do not advocate spanking children, and are 100% against spanking children!!!

The picture on the left is of Miss Audrey. Her site is:


However, some people's fantasy is being spanked as though they
were a child. They like being referred to as a naughty boy, and I must admit in play spanking Cindy has occasionally (more to the rare side of occasionally) referred to me as a naughty boy. She occasionally may use the word naughty, in have you been naughty. Somewhere deep in our psyche, the reason we have the spanking fetish may involve childhood, whether it be the carefree nature, or the lack of responsibility. I don't really care, as life is short, and we should try to enjoy ourselves.

Thus, a blog you might like
to visit is D's Naughty Boy Spanking Blog

From D's introduction: "This Blog is a place where I can come and let out the naughty little boy inside of me and be placed in the hands of a strong trustworthy dominant Lady who understands my feelings and needs and can handle administering a good old fashion bare bottom Spanking to me when justified. Up until now I’ve been too Shy and Embarrassed to admit my desires. So I’m here to say that Yes! I'm a spankos! Who loves watching, giving and receiving...basically everything that goes with it!:)"

This Blog is Intended for All Naughty Adult Boys and Girls and there Disciplinarians Who Are 18 Years of age and Over!!

One part I really like is foundon the side titled: D’s Favorite Spanking Phrases

I'm not afraid to put you over my knee, right here in front of everybody."

"I think we need to take your pants down."

''You'll be over my knee with your pants down in a minute young man.''

“Enough is enough I'm giving you a spanking

"Take down your underpants young man!"

"If I have to stop this car"

"Young man you are itching for a good spanking"

"If I come in there, you will be a sorry little boy"

"Stop crying or I'll give you something to cry about"

"I'll get my Hairbrush"

"Would you like a spanking young man?"

"Do you want your pants taken down?"

"I'm gonna blister your bare ass till you can't sit for a week."

"Go take your pants off and get the brush!!"

"Somebody needs to get there butt Spanked."

"Bare your bottom young man!"

"Do you want me to bare your bottom and give you a spanking!"

"You want to be put over my knee!"

"Someone needs there pants taken Down"

"If you were mine, you’d be getting your butt spanked right now"

“Tender bottomed tyke”

"Get your pants down now!"

"You need to be taught a good Lesson"

“I’m going to put some heat to your seat”

"Shame on you, I should pull down your pants and spank you for that."

so go have a look...


Anonymous said...

great work i would pay to watch these

Red said...

anon: better you should be spanked thanwatch!

Anonymous said...

id love to be spanked like this

Red said...

anon: who k nows what the future holds, but it is fun to imagine
bottoms up