different poses

Thought I would post a few photos of women delectably posed for a spanking, and one of a man.
The first shows a woman awaiting the spanking
but not for too long The next photo makes me wonder if it is a before or after photoand the last makes excellent use of a decorative balcony style woodwork in a house. I will think of this the next time I see such a structure in a friends house.
The last however, is probably not for the average spanking couple, or is it? We have never explored this possibility, but I have seen numerous photos of a person with their legs spread wide for a spanking.

Have you ever spanked this inner portion of a person's bottom, or have been spanked down this third crease available on every bottom? The other two creases, where the bottom meets the top of the legs are a favorite for Cindy to spank.
Your thoughts would be appreciated.


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