corner time photos and art

I am having so much fun trolling different blogs, and clicking on their links to sites they like.

I made my way to this site by travelling from another good site that I will post about soon. doonstartwo.blogspot.com

Today's site deals with corner time pictures and drawings.

Most of are women either before or after being spanked, but a few are of men just to keep the spanking interest consensually happy.

The site can be reached by clicking on http://cornertime.tumblr.com

The site has links to other similar themed ideas, and I believe it is all by one author, who likes to post frequently.
"People punished in front of a wall, a post or even in front of us !"

The only slight problem is the choice of coloring to write the text of possible ways of viewing the content of the blog.

The woman in the background is fabulous, but the writing is hard to read, or is it just because I am staring at the woman's hot bottom (in more ways than one).

This is not a google blog, but a tumblr blog.

The site has an interesting click that states: "TIME OUT IN A BLINK" on the right hand side in the list that is in red.

What it shows is that the blog has approximately 27 pages of images, each page holding 50 pictures.

Other links exist to pants on, pants off, submissives.

However, the best click is browse the archive, b4ecause from here you can choose the month, and slowly catch up on all that you have missed.

You can click on any image to see it enlarged!

If you want you can then save the picture.

However, on some of them, it saved it as a firefox document.

I would then open the program titled Paint (start/all programs/ accessories/paint.)

In Paint I would open the firefox file, by using file, open, but also changing the description to files of type and choosing all files.

Then, and only then, will the file appear, click, and it is in Paint.

Then save it by choosing file, open, and making it a jpeg. Simple !

So, hurry on over, before you are sent to the corner to await your spanking!



  1. Hi Red! Thanks for the note. It looks like the old links are up and I don't see the link to 360 yet -- but I added your link to my blogroll -- Thanks so much and many happy spankings!

  2. Hey Red, we don't do corner time but I love some of the pictures you posted, particularly the first one. Thanks.


  3. hi Audrey: I changed all links last night, and wish yo success in your new ventures. Thanks for the link.
    Ronnie: we rarely use corner time, but the photos are excellent in the link provided.


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