Consensual Spanking Day

Well, it seems appropriate that I should celebrate this day with all readers.Our own event is yet to occur, so I will tell more later.
However, today, I will publicize two spanking sites, where the spanker is also the spankee.Can't you just put words to the photo below, as Miss Audrey smiles at the foolish excuse being given to her from the person about to be spanked.
The pictures show her as a strong woman, and then followed by photos of her giving real spankings! They are amazing. Above are some photo samples from the free section of her

Then, the wonderful part is that Miss Audrey also has a site where she is spanked. The site may still exist, but unfortunately Miss Audrey is no longer associated with the owners. (The following photos show her before being spanked, and then her being spanked.)It is wonderful when anyone can embrace both sides of the hairbrush, for real.I recommend that you visit her new site, when you have time.

Lastly, I do have some photos from yahoo groups of other spankers, but in these photos they are the spanked person.

Spank someone consensually today.



  1. Happy Consensual Spanking Day! Love the picture of Richard Windsor giving a spanking dresses as Santa.

    ~Todd & Suzy

  2. I hope you will get 'six of the best', on your bare bottom, from the one you love. 'Six of the very best' on this day of days, Spanking Consensual Day August 8th.

  3. Red, Happy Consensual Spanking Day, hope you managed time to celebrate :)


  4. Todd and Suzy: Everyday should be consensual spanking day, if the mood is willing.... glad you like the photo.
    Sixofthebest: had many of the best, but thanks for the kind wishes, and special thanks for leaving a message.
    Ronnie: I did, and I hope you celebrated also


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