Consensual spanking day summary and NEW CHANGED poll

Thought I would get a little idea of some of my readers, whoever you are out there. Thus, I have a little poll to see your spanking status on Sunday August 8, 2010

Our status: We had the house to ourselves for a couple of hours (hooray), so made the most of it.
Cindy did not know that it was consensual spanking day, but was very happy to contribute a spanking for the cause.

Cindy decided it was to be a combination of hand, the hair brush and then the bath brush. She was certainly in the MOOD!.

The classic OTK position, with Cindy sitting on a comfortable chair, and her weapon s of ASS destruction close by. My spanking consisted of no lecture, just Cindy's hand kindling a fire in my bottom, before she decided to warm things up further with the hair brush. That little brush can be quite devilish, and had me owwwing in no time flat. A little pause for a warming massage, allowing the effects to fully felt, before continuing hoping to see my feet also join in with a little dance at this spanking party. They did join in to Cindy's pleasure and amusement.

Cindy also used the hair brush on the top portion of my bottom,where she normally doesn't use wood. It ensured a well toasted bottom, and a good dance by my feet to the music I was making. Cindy simply used the brush on the same spot until I started to dance, and then moved on to another spot and stayed there until the dancing again recommenced. Many different places on my bottom received such loving attention.

Another little pause, where Cindy explained that this was a good day, and did I know other people being spanked today. (Aha... a reason for a poll, and hopefully you will comment in the comment section of the posting). Amusing (or amazing) to think that others are being spanked at the same time, but in another part of some country...

This reflection ended abruptly as the bath brush announced it's presence in our little spanking. Cindy announced that just a few, as your bottom is glowing already. Then, six strong spanks followed rapidly, and the spanking was announced to be over.

I thanked Cindy for my spanking, and then proceeded to kiss, cuddle, and undress Cindy to make love. During part of our love making, Cindy was orally pleasuring my cock, as I was spanking a small portion of her bottom. It was wonderful. We eventually ended up in a woman on top backwards cowboy position, that allowed me to delight in giving her bottom many, many spanks to the rhythm of our movements. The sex and orgasm for both of us were amazing.

Thanks again to whoever thought up consensual spanking day. THE POLL WAS CHANGED FOR COUPLES WHO BOTH WERE SPANKED! PLEASE RE-VOTE if you were one of the first 7 voters.

Consensual spanking day August 8, 2010

Did you give or receive a spanking on August 8th (Sunday)

yes, I gave a spanking
yes, I received a spanking
Yes, we both were spanked (I spanked my partner, and my partner spanked me)
unfortunately No



Hermione said...

Hi Red,

I sure did! A double-header with two different leather implements. It's great to have a reason to celebrate.


spankedbywife said...

I got thoroughly spanked by my Lady last Tuesday and the affects still had me out of commission yesterday. Sadly, I missed an opportunity for a 'double lap' spanking (a huge fantasy of mine) as we were entertaining another 'spanking' couple. So, our celebration of Consentual Spanking Day' has been postponed. Or, maybe we celebrated it early. :-)

widgets said...

We spanked each other while making love.
Rachel & aj Widget

redxxx said...

Hermione: glad you had a great day...
Ken : The feeling lingered, and I am certain if you ask your day will come over two laps at one time.
Rachel and AJ : sounds wonderful, but broken back?