Canadian humor: moose spit soap

While travelling in Alaska, we came across this very fun item that was designed and made in Canada.
The soaps on the front side are very funny. You will have to click on the picture to obtain the largest size, if you want to read them...

I will list just a few for your entertainment...dog team drool soap
badger barff soap
deer dropping soap
moose spit soap
bear breath soap
beaver butt soap

on the reverse side they had:
10 things to do with your Authentic Wilderness Paddle!
1. Trick skiis (2 Required?)2. Beer coaster for those fine dining moments
3. Snowshoes for the kids (gut string not included)
4. When you're up the creek without a paddle
5. Campfire fan or campfire fuel (use as needed)
6. Mosquito whacker (especially good for fishing)
7. To trip your hiking partner when being chased by a bear.
8. Emergency goalie stick for street hockey
9. Fish bonker substitute
10. Snow shovel.
11. Now, remember, solid smooth wood, both sides are flat.... so what might you like to use it for.... ...... Should I say that reason number eleven was what caught my fancy....

We actually used the paddle(minus the soap), but only for six quick spanks. Unfortunately, it appears to be a very light wood, and may break easily.



Hermione said...

Hi Red,

I like "Mosquito whacker" best. Come to think of it, Ron often tells me I have a mosquito on my bottom, and he needs to swat it.


ronnie said...

LOL Red what a good find. To trip your hiking partner when being chased by a bear :)

Thanks for sharing with us.


redxxx said...

hermoine: lots of mosquitoes up in Canada... you must be happy...What a darling man to have your best interests at heart.. in two different ways.
Ronnie: trip your hiking partner..loved that one...