A short video

A short little video, which seems effective, but notice that the man's reaction is a strong erection when he gets off the woman's lap...

These older videos are really funny, with the spanking starting and the man immediately reacting with feet dancing and owwwing his heart out.

I have had a few of these quick spankings while away, with an equal reaction.



  1. I can't imagine a serious spanking being that quick. I guess those were the good old days.

    I also can't imagine my pride and joy standing at attention once the action was beyond warm-up. When the paddles come out... my little fella doesn't hang around very long, he runs and hides!

    (the coward)

    Yes, I kick like that but that's usually after she really get's going. Extra kicking = extra spanking!

  2. When Rachel spanks me it takes time to calm down and for the little guy to come out of hiding. When demanded performance IS expected.

  3. overherknee: I agree, we have similar experiences.
    widgets; very true.
    Danielle: totally funny. But if I had seen it 15 years ago, I would have believed that it was real. That is, before being involved in a spanking relationship, this was the only type of information one could find about spanking, besides reading. If reading something, anything could be written and you would not know if it was authentic.

  4. I wonder if the clip shows it all? The beauty of it is though that its done with real intent, a proper spanking no doubt about that!


  5. Recidavist: every spanking with intent is definitely effective. Would be nice to see the entire video.


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