volunteers needed?

I have to wonder how many of the readers of this blog would volunteer to be the spanker, or anyone of the technicians used in the production of the video that these stills came from..

Girl Spanks Girl is a Clare Fonda's Exclusive all F/F spanking website which offers traditional OTK spanking as well as erotic spanking. Girl Spanks Girl is the home of the Exclusive Education video series (all FOUR Exclusive Education movies can be found here)

Clare appears to be in fine form, as this red bottom is showing.
The acting is quite good in the photos, and placing the about to be spanked or already spanked women in the background was a brilliant idea.The above and following photos were posted on one of the yahoo groups, but I am not certain which.
The site to visit is www.girlspanksgirl.com Happy viewing
The site contains a disciplinary sectionbut it also contains erotic spankingsas well as sensual spankings I hope the site does not object to my posting these photos, as this might be enough of an enticement for potential customers to visit the site, and consider joining. If, however, they want this post removed, a simple email to xxxred17@yahoo.com will have me remove the post immediately after I read the email.
I have also added a link in the link section to this site.


HerKnee said...

volunteers needed?

Always willing to lend a helping paddle... er hand.

Where do I sign?

redxxx said...

I will let you know!