TUSH :-)

Tennis anyone, or do you just want to watch the match...Special note for Ronnie: just for fun: USA ... USA ... USA
not as good an outcome as the book I am currently reading: 1776
but fun anyways... (I am only teasing..lassie)

Another happy site to visit, for all males at least, is another site similar to blogger. Tumblr seems to be a site, that has many adult orientated themes.

More of how I got there in another post, but the photos accompanying this post, and the name should let you know the content of the tumblr.


So go have a look, and dream of spanking these beautiful tushes....



ronnie said...

Missed this one Red :) What can I say, we were awful, yes we would have won if our goalie hadn't been so clumsy but not convincingly. Lets hope our next 2 games are better. I thought your team played superbly and if they carry on like that they might go onto the next stage. I hope more of your countrymen get behind them. They deserve it.


redxxx said...

Ronnie: Fun game to watch, just like the tush site... Good luck to England.. Newspapers reported that Americans have bought more tickets than any other nationality...