Stress being relieved

Cindy and I have been extremely busy, and it appears like it is not stopping. Thus, when we had an evening alone, I suggested to her that we were both extremely stressed, and she might want to help relieve the stress.

Cindy thought it was a wonderful idea, and immediately informed me to follow her to our bedroom. Cindy decided to once again use two implements, and they were the bath brush, to be followed by the MagnaStrap.

Cindy sat on the bed, with her back upright against the headboard, and merrily asked me to retrieve the implements. I did with some trepidation! Cindy patted her knees while smiling, and I lowered my clothes to reveal my extremely strong erection.

Cindy once again smiled, and stated that we would have some fun later. I lay across her knees, and she started using the bath brush slow and hard. The bath brush visited everywhere possible on my bottom, and the verbal discussion was about why I was being spanked! Cindy had a happy tone in her voice, and almost stated she was really enjoying this. My first suggestion to the reason was quite wrong. Cindy replied to this response with a strong long flurry of spanks, stating that this was the wrong reason, but it deserved this flurry of spanks.

I eventually found the right words to describe why I was being spanked. Cindy then proceeded to spank repetitively on a few spots to reinforce the need to solve the problem, and let all the stress out.

During a short pause, I quipped that Cindy was having way too much fun, and she responded almost lyrically that indeed she was, and began spanking again in earnest.

Cindy finally was quite happy with her handiwork, and stated in a very light tone (absolutely no anger or stress in her voice), it was now time to stand up so that she could use the strap. [ I have to wonder if Cindy is reading this blog and that it is having a positive effect on her being very happy while spanking!]

A place in the bedroom was determined, and I was mostly upright for the magnastrap. Cindy's first spank did not thud the way she likes. She immediately expressed disappointment, and stated that one doesn't count. [ouch]

Cindy gave a number of spanks, stating that's better, after a few of them. She then decided it was time to finish, and asked how many wrong answers did I give before getting the correct answer for the reason for the spanking. I stated four, and Cindy agreed. She stated that four more spanks should do the trick. Each one delivered was memorable.

Cindy directed me to put the implements away, while she went and took a bath. I took a quick glimpse of my bottom, and it was ashen in the middle, surrounded by red.

When Cindy finished her bath, we then had the most passionate love making in many a day. Cindy also verbalized about my being spanked while we made love, and squeezed my bottom for fun. Cindy at one point stated her bottom was cold, and mine was so hot. We turned around, and placed our bottoms together. Cindy's bottom was warmed by the heat coming from my bottom, and I was quite happy with the cooling effect it had on my bottom.

All in all, the spanking worked for us, even though life is extremely hectic. Today is meant to be a relax day, and thus I was able to compose and post this.

Cindy is happy. I an happy. The hectic situation remains, but the stress of the situation has been tempered and lowered.



Anonymous said...

Terrific post. Thank you for sharing.

Ron said...

Very hot, thanks.

Anonymous said...

What a great Blog...You are one lucky Dude!!

Have a good one!!
Naughty boy Raymond...

redxxx said...

Thanks guys..glad you liked the commentary.