Cindy is helping get me out of a bit of stress and anxiety I am having.

Today, she heard me give a deep sigh which indicated a shortness of breath. She very nicely stated that maybe a little spanking would help you deal with that stress.

Cindy decided that the easiest would be to use the cane, and would I please retrieve it for her. She said she had first thought of the strap, then the bath brush, but thought the cane would do the trick quite nicely.

One minute later I was baring my bottom, displaying the beginning on an erection (in keeping with yesterday's post). I was informed to bend over! Cindy at first started caressing my bottom and explaining how this was going to help. It appeared that she was talking to my bottom, so that it understood the reason for what was to happen. Then, Cindy began using short flicking wrist action motions to cane my bottom. Some smarted, and some were felt stronger and caused a little knee buckling on my part.

After ten or more strokes, a little more caressing was in order, and my erection was now fully developed. Another little session commenced with may be fifteen strokes this time, with some tapping of the cane on the spot before a stroke occurred.

Cindy gave a little flourish of fast strokes, and the spanking was ended. Cindy fondly stroked my cock, but stated we would leave that until later tonight. I thanked Cindy fro the spanking.

A few minutes later Cindy noted that the breathing was still a touch off, and she stated that we should try again. This time it was to be the bath brush.

This time she sat up on the bed, and I was over her knees bare bottomed. She caressed my bottom affectionately, which had an immediate erotic effect that she quite enjoyed. Cindy remarked that she can feel that she certainly has my attention!

Cindy used the bath brush with some vigor, but slow and leisurely. Some really smarting spanks, and some gentle ones. Cindy maintained her practice of first alternating cheeks, then concentrating on one spot for a number of spanks before moving on to another spot.

Cindy questioned me about why i was feeling stressed, and massaged my bottom for a while again. Once again a session of spanks occurred, and then once again more erotic massaging and fondling of my bottom.

Cindy asked if I thought she should stop, and I replied that she would determine the answer. Cindy was quite pleased with this answer, saying very good answer, and then began a flurry of strong spanks to my bottom. When she stated that I could now get up, my bottom was quite sore, but my sexual arousal was totally evident...

I once again thanked Cindy for my spanking.

While writing this four hours later, my bottom is still sore and (having just looked) completely red in the area that she concentrated most of her spanks.

The spanking has lowered my stress for now, and later tonight we will make love, which also is a fantastic stress reliever.

This was written yesterday in the daytime. The love making later last night was amazing.

The drawings are by Leonardo


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