Just a light(sad)-hearted moment
to say that both England and the USA have been spanked at soccer...

The spanking was administered in public, but really deserved to be in private...

The truly sad point was an obvious goal by England, that would have tied the game, shifted momentum dramatically, and possibly altered the outcome was disallowed because FIFA does not allow video tape replay of any action.

Contrary to what announcers would say later, in the blink of the eye, without video replay, television viewers had no clue if it had gone in.

This truly must change! The officials were in their proper position, but simply that position is not conducive for the call that was needed. In the twinkling of an eye, from 80 yards away, an assistant referee is supposed to see the ball land inside the net, while running at full speed... a joke like non-other.

Too bad this woman was not walking into FIFA headquarters to deal with the person at the top of FIFA, whoever that is...cheers


ronnie said...

Red, your right about the goal, it definitely was over the line but to be honest (not sure if you saw the game) we were awful. A bad day for English football.


redxxx said...

Ronnie: a worse day for officiating and fifa when a goal scored is not counted, and a clear off-side goal was allowed. Both were huge, as one would have tied the game, and the other would not have been the opening goal,upsetting dreadfully the team scored upon.VIDEO REPLAY???