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The spanking phenomena has really come out of the closet, with the advent of the internet.

You are always just a few clicks away from seeing pictures or videos of spankings.

Women happily write blogs about their desire to be spanked, and men write similar blogs. Far more women write than men! I think it is simply that women are more willing to write and explain their feelings and desires, whereas men are less likely on average to do so!. The macho image cannot be overlooked, whereas women can have a chuckle between their best friends if they are spanked at their own request. However, more and more men are starting blogs about their being spanked, but almost exclusively in the submissive discipline vein.
Our bottoms burn is a breathe of fresh air in terms of both sexes being spanked.

A few people have commented that this is mostly a F/M blog, and that is in essence true. The vast majority of spankings are given by Cindy, as the spanking fetish is mine. Men can more easily accept being spanked, if in a discipline style idea where they surrender control, thus most blogs by men are of the femdom style of punishment, not pleasure. Ours is both discipline and pleasure.

Today's entry then, is simply a link to another site where you can see any type of spanking picture or video that you find stimulating...How these sites use copyrighted material is quite amazing.

One other observation...
Twenty years ago, spankings on many videos were simply play acting, with no red occurring on the spanked bottom. Even six years ago, some F/M sites simply went through the motions, with the loudest hairbrush possible, that gives the least possible impact.

Now, for better or in my opinion much worse, you can see real evil in action.

Today's link:


If you like videos, then you will have a wealth of material to enjoy, some F/M, but most are F/F and some are M/F

This one of Abigail is really exceptional!


or simply click http://spankingtube.com.ar/videos to pick the video of your choice.



Our Bottoms Burn said...

Thanks for the mention Red. We find your Blog to be a breath of fresh air also. Keep it up.

redxxx said...

Spankings do keep it up. Pun intended.