Serving B A female Lead Relationship

I have been following links, and have come across a haven of Female Lead Relationships blogs.

It is, to me, just another facet of consensual role playing (or living), that can be satisfying for both participants.

Serving B is one such blog.

You might like to read the recent posts, but I highly recommend you read a couple of the current, and then , if intrigued, start at the beginning, and read from there towards the present.

Growth in a relationship is the most important feature. You might enjoy clicking on his links, as they lead to similar type blogs. This is a new blog that only started in January 2010.

A quote from his first post:"I'm writing this blog to express my love and devotion, share my thoughts, crystallize my thinking, and communicate with B (yes, she'll be reading this - it's mainly for her, but as it's out on the internet, it's also out there for others to read)."

His letter to B in starting the relationship is copied here:

Dear B.

I long to be your full partner in a loving female-led relationship. My goals include your happiness, my personal growth, and a fulfilling and lasting relationship. I vow to:

1. Serve, worship, and obey you unconditionally, without question or complaint, and with enthusiasm so that I may become fulfilled and complete.

2. Accept and trust that you know what is best for me and our relationship.

3. Always be present, focused, and serve you with intent and without distraction.

4. Accept that my main purpose in our relationship is to please you and make you happy.

5. Strive to remold and maintain my body, mind, activities, habits, actions and attitudes in a desirable and pleasing way for you.

6. Diligently work to eliminate selfish thoughts and actions, surrender control to you, and continually seek to offer more of myself to you.

7. Gracefully accept any training, discipline, punishment, and constructive criticism from you.

8. Show you the greatest level of respect at all times.

9. Learn and carry out all duties and tasks that you assign with enthusiasm and in ways that please you.

10. Remain open, honest, and transparent in thought, including answering any question from you with complete truth, and share any thoughts that you may use to further train and use me.

11. Surrender all sexual control to you.

I highlighted number 7. Many of us crave this situation!

If you are thinking of becoming more submissive in your relationship with your partner, you might like to read this.

As always, although this is a female lead relationship, the switching of sexes would be the lead in to " Taken in Hand" where the male is the leader and the female the submissive follower.

Then again, there are those that simply enjoy spanking, or being spanked....

It's a great and wonderful world... Enjoy whatever makes you happy, as long as it is safe, sane, and consensual. Go take a look at this viewpoint of life.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for writing about my blog. Your understanding of its purpose and value to my partner and I ring true. We're in a female-led relationship that is evolving in ways that meet one another's needs. Above all, we are attaining a level of intimacy with one another that we have always wanted with a partner. We are enjoying our D/s journey together. B finds it very helpful to read my blog and I feel it is very helpful to me to publish it.

One thing readers who dig into the work from the beginning as you have suggested may note is that by the time B decided to collar me, my vows became somewhat simpler than the ones I began with. That doesn't necessarily mean they are simple to live up to. Choosing to devote myself to her has taken a lot of adjustment. I'm very fortunate that she is willing to guide me on this path (and yes, spanking helps). :)

I wish everyone as successful a journey as B and I have had.

Best to you,

redxxx said...

Serving B:
You are very welcome.

Exploring different levels of intimacy and control, submission and dominance, is something many readers want to read and think about.
Thanks for taking the time to create your blog!

I find little difference between men and women, except the obvious which I enjoy admiring! Which sex is the spanker, and which the spankee, which sex is the dominant and which sex the submissive, comes somewhere deep in the soul. Hopefully people can meet that special person who helps make a fuller life, whether opposite sex or same sex.

redxxx said...

Serving B:
PS: thanks for having a link to my blog on your site.