Poll: spanking and erections

We find spankings to be a problem solver, and a sexual stimulant. Spankings have greatly enhanced our love making and frequency.

So let me show you a little collage to whet your appetite.

First, a charming woman who is extremely happy with the obvious arousal that is a prelude to her spanking her man.
The man is about to go OTK, but his thoughts just might not be on the ping pong paddle
Even though his bottom is reddening, the erection is not ebbingIn our next photo, the woman seems amused that the man is holding his sore bottom, but his erection is still prominent in her thoughts :-)
The last entry is a start of consoling your spanked husband, who is holding his extremely sore bottom, but whose sexual reaction is still being prominently displayed.

So, does the announcement of an impending spanking cause an erection?

erections and spanking

Do you react with an erection if you know you are going to be spanked?

yes, everytime
yes, almost everytime
frequently, but not always



HerKnee said...

For me the erection doesn't last longer than the warm-up. Warm-ups start light but builds with intensity. By the time it gets to the point that I start to squirm from just her hand, my erection is gone and out comes one of the paddles.

Of course after always comes the hugs and cuddles and it doesn't take long before I'm again standing at full attention.

redxxx said...

Herknee: Similar in most cases with myself and Cindy. The erection disappears long before the spanking has ended, if it was meant as a discipline spanking. It's re-appearance depends on Cindy's mood, which is almost always positive.

Anonymous said...

Spanking definitely is arousing. (as it is a sexual relation)

As to why some people do such to children is beyond me... it really would be in the same/similar category as breast fondling.

Red said...

anon: I agree, and definitely am against spanking of children...
thanks for adding a comment

Anonymous said...

I always get erect in a nano second when my wife says that I'm going to be spanked- standing in front of her naked it throbs. I usually stay very hard during the spanking and have ejaculated at times. She knows I find it very sexually arousing.

Red said...

anon: glad you enjoy being spanked. Maybe she should spank with a stronger implement, and with more gusto, and the erection just might disappear without ejaculation
bottom sup

Anonymous said...

I have an erection at first but once the belt starts landing I lose it. I lose focus on it so I never really know when it actually goes away but it's early on. I don't get a warm up so it's full blast and a pretty rapid paced belt whipping so I'm squirming, kicking and twisting pretty fast. Once its over she usually pats my butt and reaches for it to give me a BJ. It's instantly erect again.

Red said...

anon: a wonderful time was had by all. thanks for sharing.
bottoms up