PLEASE RE-VOTEon A Poll for any woman that is spanked

I screwed up. The pictures and the text DID not agree with the poll. The pictures are of a woman being spanked, whereas the poll was for the woman being the spanker. Thus, I removed the old poll and have put a new one. My Apologies. The new poll now in this posting is for women that are spanked!!!! .

Recently, I had a poll about erections and spanking. Here is the click link to that posting, if you have not

However, it obviously was aimed at men, and I should have included a poll for women. The poll related to receiving a spanking, and thus this will be about Receiving a spanking ONLY.I will do two new polls in a few days, where the male or female is giving the spanking.The difficulty is simply how to phrase such a poll. With men, the erection is obvious. As is normal, men can never tell about women simply by a quick glance.
The following is a photo of a woman looking forward to the experience

From wikipedia: Sexual arousal, or sexual excitement, is the arousal of sexual desire, during or in anticipation of sexual activity. Things that precipitate human sexual arousal are colloquially known as turn-ons. There are many potential stimuli, both physical or mental, which can cause a person to become sexually aroused. Sexual arousal usually leads to physiological changes in the aroused person, some of which are pronounced while others are more subtle.

(The next photo seem s to suggest less joy in knowing you are about to be spanked)

Sexual arousal may not lead to an actual sexual activity, beyond a mental arousal and the physiological changes that accompany it. Given sufficient stimulation, sexual arousal in humans will typically end in an orgasm; but may be pursued for its own sake, even in the absence of an orgasm. Thought I would copy the above from wikipedia for the fun of it.

It is uncertain if this woman is enjoying the experience, but the last photo leaves no doubt of the enjoyment.

I am not asking if you orgasm when knowing you are to be spanked, but simply do you become sexually aroused, in however you define it from what is written above.However, here is my attempt at a poll for women.
Thus the NEW poll


Do you experience sexual arousal knowing you are about to be spanked, and/or during the spanking

yes, everytime
yes, almost everytime
frequently, but not always



AboutSpankings said...

It is a tricky topic. One issue is... is there a difference between "sexual excitement" and just getting wet? Suzy says for her there is no difference, but we certainly have spankee friends that say otherwise. That they have gotten wet during a spanking, but that it had nothing to do with sexual excitement. Certainly blood rushing to the buttocks (and thus the nearby genital region) can cause that response too.

We tackled this topic a couple of years ago... and the vast majority of spankees said they did get wet. The issue seemed to be why that was. So yea, it's a tricky topic.

Looking forward to the responses you get.
~Todd & Suzy

redxxx said...

Todd and Suzy:
The woman who is spanked gets to decide if she is sexually aroused by the act of being spanked. I imagine she can be sexually aroused without being wet, but who am I too judge. Hopefully some women will reply as to what they feel is sexual arousal for them when spanking occurs.
Anyways, fun to see whatever people think.

Anonymous said...

Consensual spanking should not be Consensual in such a way that the wife decides when to be spanked. Once she has accepted his right to spank her when she misbehaves seriously, it is up to the man to decide when and how she should be spanked. That makes it more exciting for both parties - and the making up and making love afterwards are much sweeter.