on the spot

A small post....

Yesterday, Cindy was annoyed at something I did in the kitchen,so it was bare bottom treatment by a wooden spoon.

That wooden spoon can create quite a burn immediately, and have you hopping if applied vigorously for a short while.

Fortunately (?), this was only a dozen spanks, but the point was made, not to be repeated.

I was bare bottomed, but I was not requested to be naked!

Spankings are always bare bottomed. The sex later that night included a small play spanking as part of the foreplay, and was amazing.



  1. Never experienced the wooden spoon, but I guess it's similar to a hairbrush or small paddle - in which case, ouch!

    That's Kelly Payne in the top picture, isn't it? The absolute epitome of the female domestic disciplinarian, in my book. I'm a little bit in love with her - unfortunately, she doesn't know I exist! ;)

    1. Now I do. Kelly

      Email me shterner@aol.com
      Join my site tantrumtrainers.com

    2. Hi Kelly: (if this was actually you who wrote this.)
      I would be pleased to use photos that are available in the free site of your site, in exchange for publishing a ost about your website. It was one of the best weksites when I found it maybe as much as 15 years ago)
      bottoms up

  2. underling:
    The wooden spoon has weight at the end that meets your bottom, and length of the handle makes for more arm action and striking force when it lands. Do enjoy the experience sometime.
    Also, visit www.tantrumtrainers.com for more of Kelly


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