In leading you to other sites, there is one that is exceptionally interesting to read. It is the exact opposite of Serving B!

When you click on the link, be certain to SCROLL DOWN, and then use GOOGLE TRANSLATE, so that you can read what is written, that is, unless you understand the Dutch language.

The site is by Mistique! Mistique also has the site titled Lady.sensualwriter.com that you can look at by clicking on!
Spanking art (I have posted about this site previously)

Misitique and I have exchanged a few letters, and she describes her goal in writing her innermost thoughts as follows:

The only goal I have here is that I want others to know their feelings are not strange, to give them access to my inner thoughts can perhaps help them to understand their own.

Spanking is a real passion for me, same as some other more bdsm aspects. I am both submissive as masochist and am so lucky to be able to share this with my husband who is a Dominant and also Sadist so there are many connections we share.

From the explanation on the site:

With this site I show that bdsm is something you personally experience. There are no standards for how you want to experience bdsm, there are no rules or unwritten laws, though that impression sometimes aroused.

Bdsm is the experience of your erotic imagination, expressing your deeper emotions but most bdsm how you fill it yourself, how you experience it. The choices you make, where you yourself decide who you share these feelings, how far you want to go. There is no one who can determine for another, or with someone you can agree on how you want to experience bdms together, respecting each other as human beings and from two individual views.

I recommend you visit...




ronnie said...

Thanks for the link Red, will pop over.


Hermione said...

It sounds fascinating. Thanks for the tip.


redxxx said...

Ronnie and Hermione: you are welcome