100,000 hits

I am very pleased that since I put a counter on this blog, that the blog has been visited more than 100, 000 times.

Thank you to everyone that drops by, and I always appreciate any comments you might leave.

On the spanking home front, Cindy came into the room where I was watching tv, with a look of intense determination on her face.

I was informed to follow her into our bedroom. She retrieved the hair brush, and I was over her knee bare bottomed immediately.

After a rapid set of spanks, the reason was explained. Then another set of spanks, followed by some very warm caresses soothing my bottom and elsewhere. The problem explained is on the way to being solved. I thanked Cindy for the spanking to start a solution to the problem.

Glad it was 100,000 hits on the blog,and not my bottom.



Hermione said...


Congratulations on the hits (to your blog, I mean). It didn't take you long to establish yourself as one of the top F/m bloggers. I get a lot of traffic from your blog.

I hope you and Cindy both keep up the good work in your respective areas of expertise.


ronnie said...

Congratulations Red and I second Hermione, I think your one of the top F/m bloggers.

Here to many more hits :)


redxxx said...

Thanks Hermione and Ronnie..

spankedbywife said...

Congratulations on achieving 6 figures on your counter. And I too agree with the above commenters regarding the quality of your blog. We feel honored to be listed under 'great blogs'.

We, too are approaching the 100,000 mark so we know how exciting it is as the hits keep coming (and on the blog counter too, LOL).
Ken & Cora

redxxx said...

Cora and Ken: thanks for the kind words. I enjoy writing the blog, as you do.