spanking returns

Well, I am glad that no one saw the Mother's Day post and suggested I be spanked for it! :-)
Without penises, there would be no mothers!

Well, I seem to have become sidetracked from recounting spankings, so I will report the most recent event.

With company having left two days ago, Cindy decided that I needed some extra special attention.

Cindy stated that she was going to have a leisurely bath, and then spank me. She would call me when I should come for my spanking.

I was to set-up the chair in our bedroom for her to sit on, and retrieve two implements, the heart shaped studded paddle, and the magnastrap, one of Cindy's favorites. ( but not mine)

We own a number of spanking implements from different websites and stores, the magnastrap coming from the DWC website.

When the bath was finished, Cindy called and I presented myself promptly.

Cindy had dressed for the occasion with a sexy open black negligee, and fire red lace thong panties. The fire red was about to be transferred to my bottom.

Cindy smiled, and was extremely happy as she decided which shoes to put on to make certain I would stay on her lap without any discomfort to Cindy, and not roll off. She had me hold the shoes as she put first one foot and then the other in to the shoes.

Sitting down, she informed me to remove my pants and underwear, and even my socks, but to keep my tee-shirt on.

Having quickly accomplished this, Cindy remarked on my growing excitement, then nodded downwards at her lap for me to get their immediately. I have learned never to play dumb and not know what she means, so I was bare bottomed over her lap in a flash.

Cindy did a short lecture about my being grumpy, and asked if my shoulders and arms were okay, and then proceeded to try to make a heart shape on my bottom with the studded heart shaped leather paddle. Let me inform you that the studs definitely add a very harsh enhancement to each spank. If you have yet to purchase a studded leather paddle, maybe you should give it a try.

As you can expect, these spanks to the exact same spot really built up the intensity of the spanking. After what must have been twenty attempts, Cindy gave up saying it really doesn't work to make a red outline with a white inside heart, and then proceeded to spank everywhere else on my bottom.

This implement is extremely effective! IT can be used on only one cheek at a time, and the small point delves where no other implement is capable of reaching! OWWW!

Cindy lectured about the reason for the spanking, and that I should talk to her when things were getting me down, as she is my best friend. She then declared how nice and red my bottom was, and that it was time to move on to the second part of your spanking.

I thought the magnastrap would be not as effective when used from a seated position. WRONG!

Just a few spanks had me wishing this spanking was over, but it was not to be. Cindy used the strap at a leisurely pace, so that it was most effective. The effect of a spank was permitted to sink in, and the dread of the next spank would start to build before it was re-applied.

Aside: Very similar to a cane, but still different. It is quite amazing how different implements create different feels, yet have the same effectiveness. This is something I am thinking of now, but definitely was not on my mind while being spanked.

Cindy had me agreeing with everything she said, as she then said " how about six more", which she had me count for her. Having finished the six, she then cheerily stated two more. She repeated the happy tone as she announced two more a few times, until finally she stated last two.

My bottom was a sea of red when I was permitted to stand and look in the mirror, and their was a wetness in one eye. Was it a tear? I do not know!

I thanked Cindy for the spanking, we cuddled, kissed, caressed and then pulled down the sheets on the bed and had fantastically spectacular sex. Simply a mind blowing (and more) spanking and sex event, that had us connect more than ever, and totally removed every inch of grumpiness form my soul.

PS: If you do not yet own one, I highly recommend to the spanker to have her partner purchase a Magnastrap. (Click on the link and then scroll down to find this item)

However, it should only be used on the male, never on the female. Chauvinist maybe, but in a Spencer Plan lifestyle, it is too harsh to ever use on your wife.

PPS: if you do purchase it, add a note to Aunt Kay that RED sent you.
PPPS: the last photo really looks like the magnastrap, and it can definitely be used effectively while the spanker is seated, with the spankee OTK!

PPPPS: Having fun with these additional comments. My bottom was bright red after a shower the day after this spanking.



Anonymous said...

all in all in general cindy would be the kind of wive i would need to SPANK my bare botttom as much as she would want & with what she would want as long as my bare bottom red as can be or redder what if the case would be it would be ok with me.

Red said...

However, ther eis so much more to life than just spanking. try to find someone you are compatible with in all activities of life.
good luck