Spanking my husband blog

I am starting to follow links, that allow me to see many other blogs.

I will keep adding to my blog list, and may even separate the list into one for F/M, and one for M/F. I will also branch out to F/F and M/M as I happen upon those blogs. This would facilitate readers finding blogs for their persuasion.

However, the title of the blog being written about today is self-evident.

The interesting and novel thing about the blog is that it is written by Deirdre, not Evan. Most F/M blogs are written by the man.

Deirdre describes her blog as :
I describe my life with my husband, where I lead him. He does as I wish, and I spank him every now and then, for my enjoyment. If your relationship partner wants to be spanked, I recommend that you try spanking him/her. It can be very rewarding to connect so closely with your partner in this way.

The blog has only about twenty something entries, so I recommend you start at the beginning and work your way through. It began Jan 5th, 2010.

I have also posted a link in the index of blogs, so you can follow whenever a new posting occurs.

Keep up the good work Deidre and Evan!

Here is the link:

Shall we say I am not the first to find this blog. Deirdre has had 118,000 hits on her blog since it started in January. Well done Deirdre.



  1. Thanks for the link Red.


  2. Ronnie: thanks for the comment... always nice to know someone is out there..

  3. I told my husband he should be spanked for his attitude. He laughed. One day his mother was here and said his attitude needs a good spanking. He laughed. She got very stern and said drop your pants. He objected and she said you're making it worse. I was amazed when he dropped his pants and stepped out of them. I got a hairbrush. She made him lower his underpants and get over the back of a chair. She then began spanking. I got excited watching his buns turn red and watching him clench his cheeks. She gave him a very hard spanking while I got May panties very wet.

    1. anon: hopefully, you now spank your husband regularly, then enjoy making use of your wetness and sex drive to have fun sexually with him afterwards. solve a problem, then make love.
      bottoms up


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