spanking female male yahoo group

Another group I have just found has some amazing pictures. for those of the F/M persuasion.yahoo group spankingfemalemale

I have included a few photos for your viewing.They have an excellent selection of Nu-West Leda photo, both black and white and color, that for some of us were the first spanking photos we ever saw. Find it under A nu-west
The initial greeting:
"Greetings, and welcome to FEMALES who spank males. A place where like minded people can exchange, thoughts, ideas, and personal experiences. I ask only that you keep in mind the club is geared for LADIES who spank, and the men who adore them. So, let's keep it on topic. And let's all have a spanking good time!! Remember...this is a site for ADULTS who enjoy the topic consensually...No children or posing as children is allowed!'Cheers


  1. interesting pics I see. G/f and myself thinking of dabbling in the whole spanking thing. Thanx for blog.

  2. anon: have fun dabbling, go slow, talk about the idea. Is one person the spanker and one the spankee, or do you switch roles... is it for play or discipline... talk about it so both peoples goals are realized.
    bottoms up


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