Spanking art

A problem exists that I am uncertain about, with this posting. I am getting the following message on my machine, which is worrisome.

"A username and password are being requested by http://www.wastedblogs.com. The site says: "hotlinking sensualwriter.com/favicon.ico is forbidden, please notify the webmaster of this blog about this problem he should remove the hotlink."

There is then a space for me to enter a user name and password, and code to put on my blog.

I have looked at www.wastedblogs.com, and it has a multitude of links ot blogs, some which readers might find interesting.

However, I have no reason to ever give my identity to anyone, and thus I will remove the hotlink, and simply leave the address for any reader to copy and paste into their browser.

If the webmaster wants, (s)he can email me at xxxred17@yahoo.com and I will gladly answer questions or simply remove this post, whatever they think appropriate.

If someone can explain favicon.ico i would be pleased to know what this specific address is?

And now the original post....

For every Sardax, where the woman is in charge, there are many more sites where either a man is in charge, or a woman is in charge of spanking other women.
This first drawing I find really excellent, in my perverted sense of humor.
Thus,today's feature is an amazing site, with links that could keep you busy until Christmas, trying one new one everyday.The title is spanking art blog, but it's website is: http:lady.sensualwriter.com

IT is free, so everyone will enjoy this feature! ( if you enjoy seeing a woman being spanked or disciplined, by a man or by a woman.)
Some of my readers are women who enjoy being spanked, so this might have some things of interest.
Other readers may be men, who can imagine themselves being in the position of being spanked by the woman, or seeing pictures you probably have never seen before of a man spanking a woman or women.

If you visit, leave a comment on one of the entries, thus encouraging the owner to keep up the excellent work.cheers


ronnie said...

Thanks for the link.


redxxx said...

You are welcome. I will publicize your blog in a short while. It is fun and erotic to read

alan said...

Wow! Spanking across the knee and the male enjoying masturbation too by the spankee.I wonder if the rhythm is in tune with the spankers hand.
Great drawing and great idea.

Red said...

Alan: yes, a very interesting drawing. Imagining this scene is rather spectacular.