Pleasure - Pain

Pleasure Pain is a immediate thought as a follow-up to Our Bottoms Burn.
You can see in the above photo that the woman is about to enjoy giving the spanking.

In the next drawing, the woman seems a bit perplexed as to why the spanking did not at least eliminate the erection.In the following drawing, you can see the bright red bottom, and the erection at the same time.
The Pain pleasure is best exemplified in the last drawing.By the way, the photos on yesterday's post were taken from our bottoms burn blog.



Our Bottoms Burn said...

"bright red bottom, and the erection at the same time"
That's how we do it. And when Becall is the receiver, she gets a bit randy.

I like smiling women with paddles.

Anonymous said...

My wife loves to take my pants off and see firstly my erection, then my well rounded -for a male- bum she enjoys spanking so much. When annoyed she calls me a pain in the bum but I end up with the pain and pleasure, whilst she gets the pleasure! She has a selection of implements but she starts by spanking me by hand whuich I enjoy but it is short lived!She is soon reaching for her hairbrush and methodically whacks each buttock 3 times then the other and so on!. My bum is quickly reddened but she carries on until I am gasping for her to stop! Then I get up and have to get her tawse and bend over the arm of a chair for a dozen. She pauses every know and again to ask if it is hurting -realy hurting?. Yes I gasp it is! Are you sure? she asks! Then she gives me more! Sometimes she likes to finish with the cane-just a taste she says ,as 10 cuts descend!My bottom is by then 'on fire' but thereis still corner time to endure for 20 minutes with no rubbing! That pleasure come later -with her full participation!! RG

widgets said...

Many times a mutually enjoyable spanking leads to a mutually enjoyable relaxing interlude.
Rachel & aj

redxxx said...

Bogey: I couldn't agree more... Hope Bacall gets Randy when she is the spanker also.
Anon: Glad to hear from you, and your sharing your wife's kind attention to giving you pleasure..
Rachel and aj: Mutually enjoyable spanking... leads to great sex... wonderful... Just once, aj should be permitted to give you a gentle spanking by hand... you both may enjoy it tremendously. Bogey and I recommend it.

Hermione said...

I love the last sketch.


Red said...

Hermione: tis rather the best way if someone is going to watch you be spanked