Mouth soaping - not our thing!

I have seen a number of mouth soaping pictures and drawings in various Yahoo groups, so I thought I would share this topic with my readers.

The real topic is domination and submission!

This is not something that one would normally agree with except in a dominance submissive relationship.

It is beyond spanking, but then again, many if not most adults who find being spanked abnormal in the extreme.

If you have ever experienced this as an adult, maybe you might want to comment on it's practice.

If as a child, please do not mention it,or I will have to delete the comment.

This is an adult only blog.

We have never tried this, and have no intention of ever trying it.



ronnie said...

Everyone is different but this wouldn't be for us.

When I was growing up a friend's mother often used to say to my friends brother when she didn't like what he said "I'll wash your mouth out with soap and water", never did she her do it.

Have a good weekend.


widgets said...

Instead of wasting soap in the mouth: I shove it in the important orifice and then administer a good spanking afterward allowing my boy to sit on a porcelain bowl to expel all his BAD elements that he paid the price of keeping in his gut. It works wonders followed by itch time in the corner.

Hermione said...

Oh, ick!

redxxx said...

Ronnie: I totally agree. not for us...
Rachel: I agree with Hermione, ick!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't know Rachel, but she must know my disciplinarian. Two women of the same mind when it comes to where the soap needs to go!!

I've been made to sit on a soapy buttplug for the entire duration of a most unpleasant bathtub scrubbing with my lady's bathbrush. She doesn't miss an inch, takes her sweet time about her work making sure she's thorough, and I get extra scrubbing time if I don't sit still and quiet - which is very hard to do with that big slippery bar of soap stretching my dirty little bottom hole. Those nasty baths always end with her scrubbing my soapy crack until I'm begging for a spanking instead. She never disappoints me on that, either.

I've had the soap inserted in the other end, too and can't honestly say which is worse.

Anonymous said...

My girl friend soaps my mouth and puts me over her knee with the soap in my mouth......she does not do it often, but when she does, she always says that the bar of soap better stay in my mouth during the spanking. It is very shameful and effective....I do not talk back to her often...:-)

Red said...

sweetsuds: just the thought of how big the soap might be is rather disquieting. However, as long as it is safe, and consensual, so be it. I am afraid my agreeing with Hermione has stopped Rachel from ever commenting. Too bad.

anon: that sounds very effective, and would stop you talking while being spanked, and a good warning of what happens whenever you talk back.

Happy soapings and spankings

Anonymous said...

Early in our relationship when I first told my wife about a childhood spanking I got from a friends mom for lying and stealing I had told her that when the spanking began I cried out a series of four letter expletives . She stood me up and dragged me by the ear with my pants around my ankles to the bath room where she thoroughly washed my mouth and tongue with soap before dragging me back and completing the spanking. I never cursed in front of her again. Well recently after a long frustrating evening with a friend of my wife whom I don't care for I referred to her using the C word. my wife to my amazement told her when she got me home she was going to wash my mouth out and give me the spanking of my life. Her friend thought she was joking, she wasn't . She told me I'd be back over her knee with soap in my mouth if I ever used that word again. I hated the soaping!

Red said...

just found this..totally agree

Red said...

non; very effective I am certain.. Fortunate that you were not soaped and spanked then and there.
bottoms up