Heart and Soul

There are so many wonderful blogs written by woman, who enjoy being spanked, that you could read a new one everyday forever it appears.

Some fade away, and new ones are always started that replace them.

One excellent blog, is Ronnie's Heart and Soul.

Ronnie describes herself as a person living in the United Kingdom, and a 50 + hospitality professional, happily married, happily spanked by a wonderful husband and happy to share with you. The spankings, not my husband.

She has been posting much longer than I have, and whether you like to be the spanker or the spankee, you can feel comfortable reading her posts, observations and treasures found on the internet.

Today's photos are in Ronnie's honor.

So, if your consensual relationship includes your female partner being spanked, or simply you wish that you could spank your female partner, go have a look at Ronnie's blog.

Heart and Soul

Today's posting is about a robospanker.



Hermione said...

Here, here! Ronnie's blog is high on my list of favourites; it's right up there with yours.


redxxx said...

Definitely agree.

ronnie said...

Red, your making me blush :). What a lovely surprise. Thank you so much, your very kind.

Your right there are some excellent women writers out there and it's a huge compliment that you have included me amongst them. Hermione, she is one, her blog is definitely one of my favourites.

Red, I thank you again and please don't stop blogging as I do enjoy popping over, though not as much as I should.

Kindest regards,

redxxx said...

Ronnie: My pleasure in adding your blog to my list. As I enjoy dropping by your blog, it seemed a great idea to share with readers. Keep up the great work, and keep your bottom as red as possible.