Google translates works thanks to LADY at sensual writer

You may have seen a feature on the side of the blog, and tried it.

IT didn't originally work, but with some help from Lady at Sensualwriter, it is now working. It may periodically not work, but should be reliable.
However, you might find some of the translations hi;hilarious.

This does not mean it will always work, but if your first language is something other than English, you might like to see if it works.

I hope many more blogs will install this feature, because I enjoy reading spanking blogs of other languages, and sometimes copy and paste what is written into a translator program.

This feature makes converting the blog so very much easier for any reader.

Lady has a site that has women being spanked, whether by a man or a woman. The drawings are exceptional, and a link is available in my link section.

Her site is found at www.lady.sensualwriter.com

As my way of sending thanks to Lady, I hope she is spanked significantly today, as her reward.

If she lived closer to where I lived, I would gladly babysit the kids so that her husband could have the privacy to fulfill both of their desires.

The drawings are from her site....



Spankingfreunde.DE said...

Hi my first languages is german but the translate is not hilarious is more funny.

with a smile at my face

greeting from germany for you


redxxx said...

Rainer: greetings to you from America... A good feature in life is to laugh,so the translator serves more than one purpose.