changed post for Mother's Day MAY 9th, 2010

I meant to do this earlier today, but forgot.

Age does have it's rewards.

I have removed the post for Mother's Day, and will re-post it maybe for father's day.

The reason:

May 7/8/9th, was VICTORY in EUROPE 65th anniversary

It was brought to mind, because I happened to be browsing the internet, and occasionally look at the news from different countries.

I happened upon a link to the Canadian National News, the CBC I think. Watching the later part, they had a item about the 65th anniversary of VE day, with a few actual Canadian soldiers that had been involved in freeing The Netherlands (Holland) from under the German occupation.

Many, many Hollanders were lining the road for a parade, where the soldiers, now in their late 80's or early 90's, were driven by. Many gave them flowers, and the former soldiers downplayed their actual role in the conflict.

They stated that it brought back memories of friends who had died in the battles, and was something that they lived with their entire life.

My step father (now deceased) fought in World War Two, and he never talked about what he saw and did during the war, even though he was close to the front lines constantly, being in the artillery. You can imagine that after they had shelled somewhere, they had to then go through that area to keep up with the advancing front line. What they would have seen must have been horrendous.

He was the happiest of people, never having a bad word to say about anyone, and always saying that he was very, very good. I always wondered of what terrible things he saw, that made the rest of life so very very good.

One of the soldiers interviewed remarked that they were given more medals today, than they had earned throughout the war.


One last point:
We have visited Washington DC, and I have always been moved by the Korean War memorial: that has the saying

Those words still resonate in my inner being. The photos are of the Korean Memorial.

So, in closing, I hope no one is offended by my removing the posting about mother's day with humor, and replacing it, albeit a couple of days late, with a message of remembrance.

So many gave their life to bring us freedom, and we must give whatever it takes to maintain freedom for our children.

Addendum: I have seen a few sources that have different Victory in Europe as the date. Netherlands May 5th, Check out


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