New from yahoo groups is that they are now sending to everyone's email account any recent activity on a group that you are a member of. This is a really easy way to scan briefly for anything you might like to read, and possibly comment on.It is a very easy way to see new photos that have been posted.

This definitely requires that you have a email account that you use solely for spanking related adult material. One should never access this type of material at work, because many if not almost all have software that tracks what each employee does on their computer while at work.Thinking about that for a moment, if you use this same laptop computer, which is owned by the company at home to access these sites, a record can still exist of what you have visited.

Thus, make certain to own your own computer, to be safe.Catch-up: Cindy believed me to be a bit domineering and unfriendly in a response I gave last night, so later that evening she re-appeared with a wooden stew or sauce stirrer, and proceeded to give me a number of spanks with it until she had satisfied her dissatisfaction with my behavior.Oh well, live and learn.

Today's pictures were retrieved today from the yahoo mailings.The photos already had the text added to them, I did not add them.



  1. Corner time always follows a punishment session with Hank.


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