We are in possession of a small wooden paddle, that is becoming one of Cindy's favorites.

Cindy, last week, decided to give our small paddle a whirl.

Cindy is now spanking me regularly and often, and it is relieving stress in our life, keeping me on my toes (so to speak) and invigorating our love life. WE have been married just over twenty six years, and it is a wonderful longtime relationship. However, if one allows things to drift in a relationship, and have no accountability, then to us their is a lessening of desire, complacency, and then the relationship can become less loving.

With Cindy spanking me, and the erotic effect it has on both of us, it literally keeps me on my toes... if you get my drift...

It is sexually and emotionally exciting, although foreboding, to see Cindy walk in the room holding a spanking implement. Last week, she walked into the room where we have the big screen television, and stated: I wonder where we should use this?"

We, literally, do NOT use this implement. It is only used on my bottom, never Cindy's.

Cindy decided that I should bare my bottom and lie over the arm of the couch that I had just been so comfortably seated on, watching television.

Cindy proceeded to quite strongly apply this paddle to the seat of the problem. As is Cindy's method, she used it covering every inch (okay for others cm) of my bottom, and then admired her handiwork for a momentary pause. She re-iterated the reason for this spanking, and commented how well spanked my bottom was looking.

Cindy stated what a wonderful paddle it was, and how thoughtful it was of a mutual friend of ours to send it to us.

Cindy then proceeded to use the paddle again, employing her trick of simply using it on one spot until my feet start doing a dance, then moving on to another spot until the dance had begun again. My feet did quite a lot of movement before this spanking was done.

Cindy stopped, and informed me that I should write our friend and let her know how happy she is with the present, and how effective it is in giving a good spanking when needed. Cindy then proceeded to give a quick barrage of spanks to my bottom, while re-iterating that I should write to our friends and thank them.

I thanked Cindy for the spanking when she stated that it was finished, and we hugged. Cindy decided that the sexual arousing would wait until later that night.

I am very happy that we have spanking in our lives, as opposed to when we used to fight for days, neither giving an inch (okay cm) in who was wrong.

We are now in the place where a spanking solves almost any problem! Most, but not all times, I am the one spanked! The fact that the difference of opinion happened, is spanked away, followed by making love immediately or later that same day. No grudges, no recriminations.

The two pictures:
the first shows the paddle, but not the position.
The second shows the position but not the paddle. The third picture just shows another position I have been in recently to receive the joys of this paddle. Everyone should add this paddle to their collection.

PS: the letter
Ms. Catherine:


I hope this finds you and your husband both well, happy and enjoying life to the fullest. You are possibly travelling at the moment, or may have already returned.

I would once again like to thank you for Ms. Paddle. It is a very effective implement, and can easily solve problems.

Cindy used it on my bottom last week, and expressed her admiration for such a thoughtful and useful gift. Cindy expressed how well balanced it was, such that it can hit the exact spot with immediate effect. It is weighted so that the striking part naturally falls into the right position for each spank.

We both felt that my bending and lying over the arm of the couch put my bottom in a good position to be effectively spanked. Because my feet were not supporting me or touching the floor, they began to dance as the spanking really heated up. It also allowed Cindy to swing her arm easily and comfortably, with the weighted head of Ms. Paddle causing her wrist to snap making each spank quite attention grabbing, so to speak.

Cindy had my feet dancing, and was extremely happy about this and my bright red and sore bottom.

Cindy informed me to write and thank you, and I apologize for not having written until now. As many reasons as exist for being busy, unfortunately I should have written earlier, as I have had time to work on my blog.

Ms. Paddle is prominently, but discreetly at the same time, displayed standing up on top of a row of books on our bookcase. Sometimes it simply lays on my desk in open view also, as a reminder to be good.

Thanks again.



  1. Hi:
    Rachel and I read your statements. I definitely agree that a spanking is a terrific tension reliever and it definitely improves lovemaking. These have been my results. I usually get a spanking per week in the bedroom but sometimes will get it along with other treatments in the bathroom. Rachel does believe in immediate correction so I have been spanked in the car and the back yard as well. Keep blogging as we enjoy your writing.
    aj Widget

  2. Aj: thanks for commenting, another new commenter...woohoo... Tension reliever and aphrodisiac. Great combination works for us, and glad to hear it works for you Rachel and you also.

  3. I know this is an obvious statement, but really and truly there is nothing so satisfying for a spanking as a good small paddle--small enough for her to carry in a purse or in the glove box of a car; large enough to make an impact; light enough to allow for a snap of the wrist for even a petite woman with small hand and wrist.


  4. jm: very true...thanks for commenting (a new commenter yeah:-)


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