Malcolm face sitting artist

I have trolled the internet for many years, prior to starting a blog.

Lurking from site to site, just like most of my readers. I felt that I might somehow give away my identity by simply writing a comment.

Some blogs I would hastily leave, when I saw that they posted the city where the most recent readers were living.

Most times, they were accurate, as I saw my city on the list at the time I had logged in.

Now that I have a blog, I am using a counter program to let me know that someone is out there reading or at least looking at the pictures.

I realize that I am able to see the city where a person resides, but due to the fact that visitors are from around the world, no one is identifiable by me.

Your internet company could trace your activities, but not any reader.

Thus, if you feel like leaving a comment, feel free to do so. When my city appears, there are more than a million people in the area, so I can assume to be quite safe.

This lead in is just to say I at one time came across an artist MALCOLM, and stored a number of his drawings. I, unfortunately, have no idea where the drawings came from.

They are interesting, and exciting, if you are male and have some submissive tendencies.

Yesterday's post makes you aware that I found it very exciting.

Enjoy, and if you know where Malcolm has a website, let us all know.

My Internet anti-virus is not working, so I will have to go and purchase a better one, thus I am not surfing except to post.



Hermione said...

Too bad about your virus protection not working. I hope you arrange for something else soon. Norton is highly regarded.

I know what you mean - I lurked for years, not daring to comment, and didn't even feel comfortable creating a phony email, mainly because I had no home computer and no access to Yahoo, Gmail etc at work.

I hope you get lots of comments!


redxxx said...

Hermione: hopefully you now have a personal home computer, or you are in danger of more than a spanking.

Redtail said...

I find that the free Microsoft Security Essentials works well, better than Norton, McAfee or others I have tried. MS SE stays in the background and doesn't seem to drag the computer down as much as some of the other commercial programs I have used.

I enjoyed Malcom's pictures. Hopefully someone knows of his website or links to more of his work.


redxxx said...

RedTail: thanks for the info. I thought abut it, but then found Norton cheaply priced, and went back to it. Took most of the day uninstalling and installing, on two computers, but all now to be good, and much faster than before.

Malcolm said...

i'm Glad you like my illustrations, i dont have a website etc, but i used to have Yahoo groups years ago.

i very rarely see my stuff online nowadays and unfortunately i dont illustrate anymore, i used to have well over 500 illustrations!!

Red said...

Malcolm: due to being on vacation, I never replied to this comment. If you would like to showcase some of your drawings, I wold be pleased to display them on my blog.