humor Tuesday

Humor is a wonderful part of spanking.
Of course, for every type of cartoon, there can always be an answer..

I can imagine Hermione wearing these underpants, or definitely Erica Scott, a new friend on Myspace. Erica is hard wired with the concept of spanking, just like Hermione and myself, and many many others. Check out her blog by clicking on her name! Erica is well known within the spanking community, and is a breath of fresh air if you read some of her blog. Also, her photos and bio are worth a look.


Anonymous said...

:-) Thank you, Red! Life without humor is, well, no fun.

widgets said...

The humor is terrific. I like the last one and will get a black panty with that slogan on it for my husband to wear. Then when I spank him I can tell him he is advertising for a trip otk etc.

redxxx said...

Rachel: glad you enjoy the humor, and really glad that you leave a comment..

redxxx said...

Erica: I totally agree, life is to be enjoyed. Have fun..Red