fun spanking

One little interesting highlight occurred while we were walking the seashore small cliffs in California on our recent vacation.

We were far out on a point, with an excellent view to let us know if anyone was coming our way.

Cindy felt it was an excellent place where she could give me a hand spanking. Cindy sat down in a little depression, and I was soon bare bottomed over her knee. The sun was shining, the temperature moderate, and the spanks certainly heated up the moment for me.

I could look outwards, as Cindy's back was to the pathway. The spanking was an excellent amount of fun, as Cindy spanks much harder when using an implement.
Cindy's hand is less severe than any paddle or leather, although I have read on various websites that some woman's hand is extremely effective.

This spanking definitely reddened my bottom, but the entire setting, with the ocean nearby, and the fact that we were outdoors, made for an excellent experience.

We have done things like this before, when the chance of discovery is very slim.

When Cindy had finished spanking me, we kissed and fondled each other. Topping things off, Cindy decided that she would orally solve the dilemma caused by such an impromptu spanking. The oral solution of my erection was amazing.

Although offered, Cindy declined a reciprocal offer as she felt that neither of us would actually be able to look at the trail while I would be orally bringing her to a climax.

Later that night, I enjoyed returning the favor.

Fortunately, for me, Cindy did not look for switches, as that would have been extremely effective. Actually, there was only beach grass available where we were.

Happy Trails

If any reader would like to re-tell one of their experiences, I would definitely appreciate it.



  1. Danielle: Glad you approve.. :-)

  2. Whenever we go camping we always play in the great outdoors. One time after skinny dipping my wife took me out of the lake and walked up this little hill where we left out towels and clothes. She sat on a fallen tree turned to me and said that I looked cold and for me to come over to her so she could warm me up. As I did she turned me over her knee telling me this was her new way to both dry me off and warm me up at the same time. She spanked until I was bouncing on her knee then flipped me over the sucked on my nipples before going lower. She replaced her mouth with her hand as she french kissed me. Just then we heard some women rooting her on and laughing. Two older women were in a canoe and must have watched the whole thing. My wife didn't miss a beat as she stroked faster until I lost control and lay limp backwards across her lap. markiee

  3. Markiee: Glad you are liking my blog. I am enjoying going back and seeing former posts. I have a filter on that gives moderation of comments on posts older than three days, so that is why you do not see them appear immediately.
    FABULOUS EXPERIENCE... thanks for sharing


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