Dominant women

I have found a few sites where they have a number of photos that I have never seen before. I thought you might enjoy looking at them. For the woman that read this blog, there are few photos I have found of strong dominant men, or simply I am not on the correct sites.This next one has a really scary paddle...and the woman looks pleased to be about to use it.
and, remember, your spanking partner is either

informing you to be quiet while you are being spanked, the neighbors might hear.
letting you know to stop explaining, and simply get ready to be spanked.

The site where these were found is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/outbreaker_2006
You will find many different types of photos, some similar tour philosophy, and others way beyond anything we would ever do. However, in my browsing some of the photos, there is absolutely no children involved in the photos or drawings, so I have no reservations about posting this.



widgets said...

These are beautiful photo's. Your secret wish is to be over one of their laps; so the question is which one? I asked aj to pick one and since he did I then had an excuse to warm him up. Guess which one. His caboose glows nicely in the dark.

Hermione said...

I enjoyed examining the assortment of implements and deciding which one I would most like and least like to feel. (4th and 5th photos.)


redxxx said...

Rachel: not nice.... it was with your blessing..
Hermione: the fourth used strongly would probably be worse than the fifth... You must experience the cane( gently) sometime in life... if you haven't already


Anonymous said...

Exquisite photos, designed to render the spankee weak-kneed, fluttering with butterflies, and with a deep desire to cooperate.

The second image might be my favorite but I would not want to offend any one. They are all really superb.

Red said...

Jm: glad yo like the photos, and, definitely, you would not want to annoy any of these ladies.